Creating music infused with the stillness of the twilight hours, West London's Ava Zarate curates personal narratives inspired by life's setbacks. “How Does It Feel” is one of these upsets.

Influenced by an eclectic musical palette, Zarate hopes to create and maintain long lasting relationships with the people she brings into her life. Unfortunately, these must occasionally come to an end.

"’How Does It Feel’ is definitely a break-up song. Although I seem to have a harsh and savage tone, I am simply asking how it feels to live without me” Zarate details. “The underlying sad meaning is covered by a jazzy and uplifting beat to empower rather than depress."

Her voice floats gently across the evening breeze, almost a whisper as leaves rustle in the darkness, casting long shadows in the dappled light. Confessional and – at times – too honest, it is Zarate’s prerogative to create affinities with people through her craft.

“How Does It Feel” is out now. Find Ava Zarate on Instagram.