Arran George has only been around for a hot minute, releasing a handful of demo tracks at the end of last year. However, his bewitching brand of bedroom acoustic pop is already drumming up plenty of support.

On "Bed", George once again proves his ability for finding beautiful melodies as it is a song that aches with a longing to enjoy the simple act of slumber.

In many ways, it's totally deceptive as it draws you in with it's seemingly straightforward song structure and George's strong vocals. But beneath the sparkling guitar riffs and George's thick Northern accent, there's a darkness that is entwined with every word that comes out his mouth. You can feel the whole experience and the tedium of looking out at the blank wall as George bellows into the echoing darkness,

Explaining his ongoing battle with insomnia that inspired the track, George says "I get proper bad insomnia so I stare at the ceiling until about 3 every morning. That’s where the song comes from, with the first part being based on all the awful things everyone thinks about when they’re lying in bed and the second half is some sort of reprieve from that, it’s like imagining what sleep would be like if you could catch it."

"Bed" comes as part of Arran George's second part of his EP of demos entitled What I See On Latenight TV due out later this year.