Opening with sinister, intergalactic synths that are somewhat reminiscent of the Stranger Things theme tune, "The Ones That Miss Me" quickly develops into a sonic electro journey that floats with dreamlike surrealism.

Whereas, previous singles "Bad Moon" and "Bloom" retained much more of a pop-like structure and sensibility, "The Ones That Miss Me" swims more gently, and is harder to pin down, revelling in its sci-fi tendencies and vulnerable lyricism.

In their own words, the duo - comprised of Christian Gomez and Daniel Noguera - have explained what their new EP means to them as artists, saying "A lot of our music deals with vulnerability, loss, and sadness, but our obsession with music (though selfish) is less about talking about these things than it is about learning to deal with them through that creative expression. In life, we don’t always find resolution or closure, and a lot of the tracks on the EP analyze those types of scenarios. But, 'The Ones That Miss Me' is a coming-of-age type story, and one that speaks to the acceptance of unannounced and permanent change. It’s a song about consequence and admission."

The track is both the title track of Ardency's new EP and acts as the perfect closure for the new collection of songs, not so much ending the EP on a high, but instead leaving you with something to think about.

The Ones That Miss Me EP is available to listen to on Spotify now via Majestic Casual Records.