It’s our first taste of Apollo's upcoming third EP Kill Zone: Atlantis, and an excellent example of their spine-tingling baroque take on pop music: unflinchingly gruesome lyrical imagery set to a glittering, '80s-influenced backdrop. The track’s vocal occasionally divides, weaving in and out of itself with a hypnotic, monstrous glamour, as unnervingly infectious as any post-apocalyptic virus.

"I’m completely obsessed with horror as a genre," Apollo explains. "I wanted to make a pop song that could be an anthem for that classic trope - the final girl (or final person of any gender). I’ve written a lot about trauma, but more than anything recently I’ve been feeling kind of invincible. If I’ve survived so far, I can take on anything. But it’s a kind of weather-beaten, cynical, disillusioned, kind of invincible, like Sidney at the end of the Scream films, or Ripley in the Alien films, for example. The synth-heavy '80s-esque production is a specific nod, not to actual horror movie scores, but to what people wrongly perceive '80s horror movie scores to sound like."

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