New single "Flashing Lights" is the London-based singer's most achingly beautiful release yet, bolstered by its glowing swell of synths and raft of electronic persussion. Ciminata's melodies weave in and out of this detailed tapestry, distorting and repeating in the wake of a confidently understated chorus. Production from Jack Gourlay (Jack Garratt, Tom Odell, Rhodes) finishes off "Flashing Lights"' melancholic sound with a polished sheen.

"Sometimes I stop and think, shit, I'm growing old," Ciminata explains, of the inspiration behind "Flashing Lights". "It's a beautiful thing, but at the same time scares me a lot. I feel better if I think that if I remain true to myself, I will never give up on youth. 'Flashing Lights' is all about finding the real you and never let it go, despite time and ageing."

"Flashing Lights" follows Ciminata's previous singles – "Last Call", "Demons", and "Love Locked Out" - each mapping a new point on Ciminata's quietly determined quest to make a name for himself. With a couple of support slots for Communion Music and an appearance on Spotify Fresh Finds already under his belt, he's already established himself as one to watch throughout the rest of 2018.

"Flashing Lights" is out 9 March.