"House of Hym" evokes visceral emotion before one even processes the lyrics, in much the same way as religious music may move even the staunchest of atheists. Taking cues from the wild landscapes of her youth, æmma constructs a weighty tapestry with her wealth of sonic ingredients. Muted percussion anchors Joni Mitchell-esque piano, whilst angelic vocals stack and harmonise in grandiose, almost orchestral-sounding swathes. It's a blend of elements that seem an unlikely mix, but the overall effect is nothing short of astounding.

There's something undeniably magical about this left-field introduction – æmma's hauntingly atmospheric arrival is one that deserves your attention. With a set-up involving a grand piano and live choir, her astonishing sound is set to be brought to life in the flesh at a one-off live show in support of Nicky Francis & The Quill at London's Bush Hall this October. The date currently stands the only forthcoming opportunity to hear "House of Hym" alongside the rest of what this enigmatic newcomer has stashed up her sleeve.

"House of Hym" is out 17 August via LGM Records.