The brainchild of songwriter Magnus Askjer Lefsaker, the Norwegian five-piece have already garnered a lot of praise and radio play following the release of their debut EP The Prophecies of Skeeter Davis, named after the late country singer of the same name.

With "Line Of Sight", Acres Wild remain firmly influenced by North America but rather than the country states this first taster from their imminent LP takes its cues from sea to shining sea. It's a combination of sunny Californian harmonies and the angular, rough and terse guitar perhaps more common on the east coast of the US. There are echoes of The Radio Dept. and Women in the ramshackle feel, partly down to Lefsaker recording the instruments straight to his laptop in his living room.

What we end up with is something carefree yet tinged with worry and regret; there's hope in Lefsaker's voice but it's tempered with disappointment as he sings "In February she's a fairy, in April she's just one who's climbing high."

Acres Wild's debut album Ignore the Flags on the Beaches is due for release in Spring 2016, produced by Sjur Lyseid and will be released on the band's own label Minitravolta. "Line Of Sight" is out tomorrow, but you can listen to the track below right now.

Photo courtesy of Jørgen Nordby