Fresh from a July tour with fast-rising fave King Princess in July, Taos hardly seems to stop moving. His previous EP, Night Thoughts, dropped in June, and he's already delivering us two new tracks wrapped up in an atmospheric A/B side parcel – the cherry on top of a catalogue stretching back to 2015. Both A side "summer in the city" and B side "summer sleep" perfectly crystallise the serene, long-shadowed feel of a late summer evening.

"august. is an A/B side meant as an homage to my favorite month... August," the singer explains. "Specifically in the northeast U.S. where I'm from/live, the quality that the sunlight takes on as the days get shorter brings this sort of golden glow that I love. The first song, 'summer in the city', is about those heatwave days in New York City (where I live) when everything is dragging and the whole city collectively slows down. It's the fire hydrant spraying, central park chillin', roof grilling type of vibe.

"The second track "summer sleep" is all about summer love - laying with the person you care about in the park on a sunny day and taking a nap," Taos continues. "For me, napping in the summer has this heavy, sweaty, beautiful sort of quality to it that is special when you share it with someone else. The song is an acknowledgment that just like summer, the love you share with this person may change and fade, but to enjoy it and soak it in as much as you can when you have it. I made this song specifically about my girlfriend at a time early on in our relationship - I wrote it one day after we went to the park, after which she had to take a bus back down to DC where she lived at the time (long distance situation). It's one of my favorite songs I've ever written, because the emotion behind it was raw, real, and special (just like the person it is about)."

With a distinctive vocal that stands out against the lull of his soft guitar melodies, it's a wonder Taos hasn't captured more hearts beyond his native New York. As the UK's heatwave looks finally to be quenched, hopefully more listeners this side of the Atlantic will find a final drop of summer in this delightful new release.

august. is out now.