Canadian soon-to-be popstar RALPH (real name Raffa Weyman) shows a new confidence on the sizzling cut, which comes hand-in-hand with an enchanting music video. Weyman worked with creative partner Gemma Warren, whose response to the track inspired the accompanying visuals. "Gemma literally danced in our kitchen the first time she heard "Tease", and we discussed the treatment from that moment," she explains.

The music video's cheery vibe is echoed by the track's tongue-in-cheek lyrics, in which RALPH confronts cheating men and copy-and-paste texters, she explains the song's message “condones female friendship instead of competition”, especially in these situations.

"Tease" is taken from her forthcoming seven-track debut EP, featuring three previously released singles and two brand new tracks.

"Tease" is out now.