As soon as the gentle introductory piano is replaced by vibrant synths, the song is injected with a burst of energy that doesn’t waver. Punchy drums amplify the strength of the solid yet playful instrumentation, providing a confident backdrop for NEMI’s honeyed voice.

Lyrically, “Can’t Get Through To You” verbalises how a lack of communication in a relationship can lead to the situation becoming overwhelming and complex, and each track from her upcoming EP YOU has been written with personal narratives in mind, focusing on the protagonist and a lover.

The fiery energy of Betty Blue that influenced NEMI is apparent within the track. Alves explains: “The single came to me at a time when I felt particularly out of control. Betty Blue is a beautiful, fiery, suffering soul, that captured a certain essence that coincidently suited the track. I love her more than any film character I’ve ever seen before.”

“Can’t Get Through To You” is out tomorrow. Find NEMI on Facebook.