Anchoring around Cameron Graves’ silken vocal flair, LA-via-Sydney quartet 19&YOU overlay feverish electronic immersed warmth with an interchange of chugging and trickling guitar lilts: mercury-rising bounce fused with lyrics dealing with the turbulence of dating.

Born out of a relationship that led executive producer Noah Taylor to Australia, only to return US-bound with a collection of newfound fellow band members, 19&YOU set their sights on deploying technicolour tracks that lift woes and usher daily mundanity away. With the four-piece convening online for several months prior to relocation, the outfit’s formation and initial songwriting process took hold through very modern means – a vitality evident in the savvy outlook powering their material.

Taylor describes the free-wheeling genesis of their latest single: “This was a song that we really didn’t have an end goal in mind when we started. There wasn’t any reference or inspiration for it other than knowing we wanted a track that had a consistent guitar line throughout. Once we found that, the rest of the song fell into place pretty organically.

“It was one of those songs that started from a space of vulnerability and turned into just us having fun,” he elaborates. “There weren’t any rules of what we could or couldn’t do, as long as it felt good we added it to the song. To a certain extent the song is satire, it’s so over the top sassy, and none of us are that way in real life. But I think the hyperbole of it all is what makes it so engaging.”

Ahead of a forthcoming EP release this spring, the four-piece prove, through their fluorescent-lit high jinks, an antidote to slumbering days and an unerringly gloom-ridden news cycle.

"BORED!" is out now. Find 19&YOU on Instagram.