Dropping on 10 April is the brand new EP from Cascine signings World Tour. For a label so heavily influenced by the sound of Sweden, World Tour are one of only two Swedish acts on the label’s increasingly impressive roster (the other act being The Whendays). World Tour tap effortlessly into the sweet and breezy balearic qualities that has recently seen the likes of Korallreven and before them Air Franceshowcase to such great effect. And, with the sad news that Air France are no more, perhaps it’s about time a new act comes along to carry on from where they left off?

“We don’t (necessarily) see ourselves as a continuation of their sound or anything like that” World Tour tell us, “we’re definitely inspired by that scene as a whole because of (Air France’s) big impact on the Swedish pop phenomena, and we have listened to bands from Gothenburg a lot through the years. But the similarities are probably subconsciously made.”

“We live in the middle of nowhere, literally, in the middle of Sweden, with no connection to any particular music scene. We just surf the web, listen to records, drink wine and create music that we like from that.” Regardless. Across Believe and its four tracks of luxurious grooves, World Tour go some way in proving that when it comes to sumptuous pop music, Sweden are still head and shoulders above the rest. Listen to the entire EP, available exclusively to The Line Of Best Fit, below.