Soundcloud have today launched their next generation design for all to enjoy.

‘Next Soundcloud’ had previously only been available in beta version and accessible by invite.

But now the redesign has become the default version, and includes a whole host of new features.

Soundcloud outlined the new features as below:


Grow your audience by seeing your sounds shared across the community, or build a following around your excellent taste by reposting sounds into your own stream for others to discover.


Curate a collection with your own sounds or the sounds you love — it’s simple. Sets can be reposted and shared throughout the community, which will help you find new people to hear and share your sounds.

Continuous Play:
Hit play and continue exploring: keep listening while you discover even more music & audio. It’s seamless.

Search & Explore:
Find it, hear it: our improved search lets you find the music & audio you’re looking for. Not sure what you want? Explore lets you discover what’s new and hot.


Check out the new Soundcloud here.