The hugely popular and equally controversial video game series, Grand Theft Auto is scheduled to return this September with its fifth instalment of the series, with it today announced that both electronic musicians Flying Lotus and Kavinsky will get their own in-game radio stations.

The last “main” GTA game to be released (each is followed by a series of spin-offs) was in 2008, but now Rockstar Games are prepping the new effort. Each edition, featured in a different city, comes with an array of radio shows and station that users can tune into while in a (normally stolen) vehicle.

This time round, as Game Ranx report, the likes of producer Fly Lo and French DJ Kavinsky will take part, with Flying Lotus announcing at his concert in Atlanta earlier this week that he will be contributing new music to the game. Kavinsky, on the other hand, tweeted confirmation of his station, NightRide FM.

In other Flying Lotus news, the producer is set to soundtrack a new independent film also.

[via 405]