The L.A. artist merges fluid synthpop with deliriously passionate vocals and lyrics - it's a potent concoction that tugs at your limbs, forcing you to dance, and tugs at your heart, forcing you to feel.

Listen below, and then dive into the LP's background with our Track By Track guide after.

Nothing But Scenery

About the experience of walking alone at dawn in Joshua Tree. I had spent the entire night in total darkness, with just sandy expanse and lonesome desert shrubs. 

Was That A Sign

Inspired by a friend who consistently dreams up imaginary relationships between herself and her object of desire. With a live shaker bought at a kid's toy store in Pasadena, recorded in a closet.

You Now

My favorite lyric is the opening: "Don't wanna keep waiting for my ID to blow..." haven't we all been there? feeling like maybe we desire too much?

Kiss The Screen

This was originally inspired by Kraftwerk but became something much different. About how technology can be a very easy space where we can nurture and celebrate our repressions.

Over The Weekend

Inspired by Bananarama,  I imagine a bunch of girls walking down the street, like in their famous video, casually shouting, "It's not a long road, before you're out..." on the chorus. Like an anthem for women who are so often told their careers are over.

Boo Hoo

The first words that came to my mind were "boo hoo" and then the song just flowed from there. Many, many synth layers here all pumping and chiming and smacking against each other. Getting that balance was key to the production.

I Mean It

Originally recorded with Cole with much more layers of atmospherics. I took the bass and drums and processed them and re-did the rest of the song. In this case less is more and it sounds even more banging than the original.

Running Out Of Time

The most personal track on here. About embracing one's failures and shortcomings in order to release oneself from self-criticism and work with fluidity and freedom. The spoken word section was a poem I wrote before Liquid Cool was recorded and was a great inspiration for the album.

All My Life

Most of the instruments here are completely improvised, which makes it really a joyful track, light and airy. But it's also very personal: "All my life, I've tried to find you..." for anyone forever looking for those people missing in their life.

Liquid Cool is out now via Gloriette.