The Los Angeles native, née Ramona Gonzalez, has produced and performed the entire LP herself. “I put all my gear - including my 8 track - in a walk-in closet,” Gonzalez says of the creative process, “I had left my label and was back in my element. I felt like I had found my identity again.” 

"Boo Hoo" is a sparkling three-and-a-half minutes of dark, alluring electro-pop. It's strewn with glorious melodic fragments and golden-plated vocal hooks - this is the kind of song that gets embedded in your noggin from the first listen - but also floats off into the stratosphere like classic Grimes cuts. Hypnotic, harmonic layers all congeal to form a shapeshifting track bursting with brilliance - it's an exciting look at Nite Jewel's next chapter.

Liquid Cool is out 10 June via hew own imprint Gloriette. It follows 2012's One Second Of Love.

Listen to "Boo Hoo" below.