The album opens with "Say" which sets the scene for the rest of the album - not in mood, but musically. It is a melancholic song about escaping and leaving everything behind, which is a theme that recurs throughout the album.


I named the album after this song once I had finished recording the entire thing. It seemed an appropriate name given that I had just spent the past year recording and building this album piece by piece. I also love painting buildings and street views so it just tied the whole thing together. As for the song itself, I had an architect friend in mind when I wrote it. It is cheerful and slightly whimsical (like my friend).

Silence And Air

Like "Say", this track is about escaping - but not from anything in particular. My brother purchased a new car, and I decided to write him a song to drive to.


Another theme that comes up a lot in the album is the sea. "For" is more meditative than the previous songs and centres around the placidity of the sea. It was actually the first song that I completed from the album - so I guess it’s really this song that sets the scene for the album.


"Miracles" is basically a joyful love song. Prior to the album I recorded a lot of 1950s barbershop quartet-inspired songs and this is me looking back to that and incorporating it into the style of the album. I have always had a soft spot for singers like June Christy and (dare I say it) Doris Day… which I guess/hope shows in this track.


This was the final track I recorded for the album. It is about throwing your troubles and cares away (and sitting in the garden...?). I suppose the song reflects my joy and excitement of finishing the album (and my love of sitting in the garden).

Here To There

I was gifted a very nice boating jacket. I take it everywhere I go, to all the places that I know.


"By" has the vaguest title on the album and is perhaps the most clouded song lyrically. It hints at a love song, although strained and stern.

New Water

"New Water" was originally going to be an up-tempo track when I started recording it, but like a lot of the other tracks on the album, the melodies and subjects evolved throughout the process and this is what came out of it. I was a bit lost at the time and I was beginning to feel more and more isolated (having spent most of the past few months recording, alone in my flat).


This song is about two people eloping. I had always wanted to incorporate strings in my music, and this was my first attempt.

As Sleeping Stones

Like "New Water", "As Sleeping Stones" came at a particularly difficult point in the recording process. It took months to record. I had hit a real creative block and nothing I was working on at the time got finished, except this track. Tried and failed attempts to make music is something that I am used to, but never to this extent, and the lyrics reflect this. As a result, It is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

I’ll Be Gone By Winter

Glasgow will always be home to me and is be a very vibrant place, but it can also be bleak and grey - especially the winters.

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21 – The Louisiana, Bristol
22 – The Eagle Inn, Manchester
23 – Oporto, Leeds
24 – CCA, Glasgow
31 – Farm Fest, Somerset