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C Duncan constructs a world of his own with debut album Architect


Release date: 13 July 2015
C Duncan 1
15 July 2015, 09:45 Written by Jessica Goodman
​The music a person is brought up with can often define a lot of their tastes. The son of classical musicians, raised on piano and viola before guitar, bass, and drums, Christopher Duncan’s musical upbringing was as rich as they come. Combining a fascination of the classical with a characteristically modern approach, C Duncan has crafted a debut release that’s entirely enchanting.

C Duncan constructs his sound through a painstaking process. In a Glaswegian bedroom studio, each instrument was recorded individually, layers built upon to create the soaring tapestries on record. Meticulous though it's creation may have been, Architect has the graceful ease quite unlike any other.

Lush instrumentals, lavish production and lingering refrains make this an album that truly stays with you. Ethereal in essence, Architect soars, spirals, dives, and drives, Duncan's potent sensibility taking your hand and guiding you through the world he's created.

Right from the start Duncan sets the template for something grand and brilliant. Extravagant without being ostentatious, Architect is flooded with subtle nuances that bring each moment to life. Skirting around the edges of psychedelia, infusing classical aesthetics with catchy pop hooks, Duncan's distinctively dream-infused sound takes being out of place with any one genre and turns that into a place of it's own.

The singles are all here - from "Here To There" with it's unyielding momentum to "Garden" with it's spiralling Krautrock drive. "Say" balances the haunting and the contagious with a compelling ease, whilst title track "Architect" is Duncan at his most vividly high-flown yet. "He Believes In Miracles" chimes with a rippling enchantment.

Taking a turn for the dark and the hypnotising, "By" forges a chiming path into rocky territory, the gentle twangs of "Novices" providing the perfect counterbalance. Closing track "I'll Be Gone By Winter" is as delicately enthralling as they come, a gentle lullaby to usher the album to an echoing close.

"I'll take you everywhere I go" Duncan utters on "Here To There" - and that's exactly what this album does. A trip through the inner workings of a musician who has built his thoughts from the ground up. Much like an architect, C Duncan is an artist of creative design, and what he's produced is positively palatial.

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