Now, where is that "here" that we've been before?  Oh, you know, down post-punk street, make a left at dream pop avenue, and drive through the center of krautrock town. Thing is, while Duncan unmistakably nods to these styles, he artfully navigates their fringes without committing to any one.

Having been raised by classical performing parents and schooled in musical composition, Duncan knows his way around his arrangements, clearly contributing to his knack for threading multiple styles into a seamless, congruent whole. Over a piston-pumping motorik beat, neatly echoing the single's expressway themed cover art, Duncan's heavenly multi-tracked vocals utterly slide beneath the skin.

"Here To There" is out 27 April courtesy of FatCat Records, and can be pre-ordered here. Catch Duncan live at the following handful of UK dates and stream the track below:


2 - Lock Tavern, London
3 - Poetry Club, Glasgow
10 - Wide Days at Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh