Wolf Alice

As goals go “getting our shit together so we could actually play the music we’ve always wanted to play” is a humble one, and whilst it may seem like an easy thing to do, life is often never that simple. Thank God then that North London’s Wolf Alice count this as one of their great successes this year. Why are we so happy about that you might ask? Just one spin of recent track ‘Leaving You’ will give you your answer.

Having begun their musical journey on a folk music kick indebted to Willy Mason, Ellie Rowsell and Joff soon met Joel Amey, whose pysch-rock tendencies transformed the duo into a three-piece, completing the line-up we’re a little bit in love with today. Blending warm, sentimental lyrics with an effortless cool we can’t help but feel we’re witnessing the beginnings of a very special band. They would seem to agree: “We are all getting better at writing songs together as a group because we understand each others methods better. I’m actually starting to like these guys!”

There are no immediate plans to record an album, at least until after their next single, due out in February 2013, is released. They are however playing our New Years Eve party at The Social this year (tickets are available here) and you should definitely come along because, in the band’s own words “we practice now so we’re actually quite good.”
- Lauren Down

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