Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Forest Whittaker.

What would your superpower be and why?

The ability to walk through walls instead of into them when drunk.

What’s your idea of heaven?

A good meal, good conversation plus some sunshine…I’m a simple lad.

What one thing have you learnt from your parents?

Work hard but don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

What song do you wish you’d written?

Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe

If you could say something to your 15 year old self, what would it be?

Don’t grow up too quickly.

What’s your re-occurring nightmare?

I don’t have nightmares, now daymares? That’s a different story…

What song will they play at your funeral?

Iggy Pop – The Passenger

What five people would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Albert Einstein, Russell Brand, Samuel L Jackson, Liam Gallagher, Patti Smith

Who would you most like to apologise to and why?

I have already so no need to bring that up.

Some Say I So I Say Light is out 6 May via PIAS. Ghostpoet is touring in the UK this month.