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And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow is a record of remarkable contemplation from Weyes Blood

"And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow"

Release date: 18 November 2022
Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow cover
19 November 2022, 00:00 Written by Sophia McDonald

Part of a trilogy, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow certainly won’t be a forgotten middle child.

Following on from the cinematic Titanic Rising, Weyes Blood continues on an angelic vein. Gently clasping you by the hands, the record floats effortlessly as the Californian singer songwriter questions her identity, reflects on loneliness and pictures ghostly lovers.

The record is filled with endless comforting harmonies, gentle drums and of course, lullaby vocals. There’s a '70s feel that brings about a faux nostalgia. Surmising modern feelings with a classic sound, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow could come from an alternative universe to deliver messages of lost soul.

Opener “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody” is a reassuring track that welcomes back a lot of elements found on Titanic Rising but casts them through a different lens. Orchestral instrumentation with Weyes Blood commanding the melody, you become caught up in how grandiose the layered parts come together. Continuing on with a similar sentiment later into the record, "The Worst Is Done" is quite hopeful as it reflects on the lockdown blues and decisions we all made then.

Lengthier tracks like "Children of the Empire" pass by with ease, not feeling like six minutes each. Expanding one idea to include multiple crescendos and gorgeous instrumentals adds to the story intertwined in the music. It also shows how unique Weyes Blood is right now. Taking elements that sound so familiar like acoustic guitar and symphonic background vocals blended with the hopeful message makes the record timeless.

The bell tolling on "Grapevine" as the emotional cowboy slips away and birdsong on Garden of Eden-esque "God Turn Me Into a Flower" add to the otherworldly nature of the record. The midpoint of “And in the Darkness” marks a move into the '80s with filtered guitar, wispy synths and a Korg drum machine. Searching for a twin flame who has abandoned her, this is a bit more different than the oceanic tracks that sound as if they’re coming from the gates of seraphim heaven.

A journey in contemplation, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow is a record of remarkable consideration. Magnificently composed, Weyes Blood reaches out to cast your loneliness away. Feeling like a timeless classic, this record is one that you can revisit whenever you want to hear the comforting sounds of another soul trying to figure it all out.

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