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Måneskin’s high-energy, rock-infused RUSH! sees the band at their most authentic


Release date: 20 January 2023
Maneskin RUSH! album cover
20 January 2023, 11:00 Written by Kelly Scanlon

Måneskin's third album was recorded across Italy, the US and Tokyo, and perhaps the different locations are what lent itself to the element of je ne sais quoi that keeps you listening right to the end of the seventeenth track.

RUSH! is an ambitiously high-energy, rock-infused project that showcases the band's growth and maturity as global sensations. From the opening track "OWN MY MIND" to closing ballad "THE LONELIEST," the album takes us on a fast-paced and raucous yet oftentimes deeply introspective journey through a range of different emotions and experiences. The band's signature swagger and theatricality is present throughout, but there are moments of vulnerability and lamentation that add depth in all the right places.

Upon creating material for the album, the band cites six specific feelings of urgency present throughout the process: necessity, effort, discipline, concentration, density and intensity. Reflective in the artwork and listening experience alike, these emotions are ones explicitly communicated throughout the album; at times you’re swept away at a pace that makes it difficult to process as quickly as the music is traveling, but that which becomes a sort of rush that can become addicting.

The album precisely conveys that feeling of exhilaration that comes with adrenaline, but one which you’re unlikely to have any regrets about. It’s that very notion of ambiguity in the moment, but which turns into excitement and appreciation after the fact.

The band’s exploration of different types of genres, which often collide and overlap, lends itself to this exact exhilaration. From the punk rush of “KOOL KIDS” to the soaring power ballads of “THE LONELIEST” and the rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities of “SUPERMODEL,” the band’s intended imminency persists. It’s not often that you hear a band appear so raw and brutally honest in today’s music industry, but Måneskin do so with charm.

The album comes at a pivotal moment for the band, whereby success and acclamation has carried them into a space of being heralded a rejuvenation of rock ‘n’ roll for a younger generation, and you can tell immediately upon listening to RUSH! that it’s not taken for granted. The lyricism has become more personal and creative than ever before, and, with tracks such as the sinuous and barbed “GOSSIP,” it’s easy and fun to join in with the band’s unexpected twists and turns.

RUSH! is a must-listen for fans of rock and roll with a modern twist. The band has grown as musicians and songwriters with a clear direction and style, which sets them apart in the industry. The album feels and sounds like an unstoppable force, which is undoubtedly where Måneskin is at – and, if we’re to continue on this upward trajectory with them, what a ride it will be.

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