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Jessica Winter joins the new pop canon on Limerence


Release date: 10 February 2023
Jessica Winter Limerence Album Artwork
10 February 2023, 12:30 Written by Ims Taylor

After her previous two EPs Sad Music and More Sad Music, Jessica Winer's third outing Limerence is a perfect bite of emotional energy and distinctly curated motifs.

This EP is something of a mood change, albeit through rose-tinted glasses, as she dives headfirst into ‘real love’ in a flurry of pop sparkle. “Choreograph” is pure euphoria, puppy-dog excited and so convincing, Winter absolutely capturing the dizzy excitement of falling with rom-com strings and soaring synths, and no shortage of addictively written, elated hooks. It’s a perfect pop hit, sugary-sweet with no signs of turning sour, a golden opening note to the EP.

Now that she’s established her creds, Winter is free to flex her exploratory pop sides. Delving into dance, hyperpop, club-pop spaces and many more, she proves that her knack for an infectious tune is multifaceted. She enlists Lynks to contribute on one of the EP’s darker moments on “Clutter,” a pulsing, moody tune that’s the antithesis to the bright-eyed joy of its predecessor. Lynks’s trademark sardonic belt couldn’t be a better fit for a bitter, bold cut about dismissing the one you were once obsessed with, and the duo together make for a dynamic, deadpan anthem. “Funk This Up” successfully joins “Clutter” in the deep end – Winter stepping out in shimmering falsetto alongside a frenetic 80s bassline and a claustrophobic swirl of background texture. It’s immersive, buzzy, and oh-so-inviting; another tick on Winter’s shopping list of ways it feels to fall in love.

Winter’s sonic explorations on Limerence luxuriate in their intensity, but closer “The Love Song” almost manages to carve its own route. Ironic title aside, the end credits roll over a refreshing backdrop of careless piano and a sauntering tempo – while it still crescendos and builds, “The Love Song” is far and away Limerence’s least intense. That’s not to say it’s completely mellow (if Winter shows us anything, it’s that nothing here is relaxed) but “The Love Song” definitely seems to exercise more control over its careening builds and laidback moments.

Limerence is a fun, quick, fling of an EP, exactly as it should be. Winter lets each moment sing, revel and fade away with sharp self-awareness. Though it’s bite-size, Limerence comes with a ribbon and a glowing Eat Me label, and it turns out to provide a perfectly rounded palate of flavours within.

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