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EMINZADA shines with strength and confidence on debut EP Don't Tell My Mother

"Don't Tell My Mother EP"

Release date: 24 March 2023
EMINZADA - Don't Tell My Mother EP cover
07 April 2023, 09:00 Written by Joe Beer

Hailing from Azerbaijan, Eminzada's debut EP release encapsulates elements of his multicultural background, resulting in a listening experience which takes you back to his time spent in Azerbaijan and Turkey, as well as his current life in the UK.

As well as the EP showcasing a multitude of tributes to his heritage, it also represents the artist’s personal life journey and growth, with the transition from indie pop to dark electronic representing EMINZADA finding the strength and confidence to show who he truly is as an individual and as an artist. Listening to Don’t Tell My Mother is like reading personal diary entries from the artist, as we get a glimpse into every detail of who he is, his past and even some of his deepest desires when it comes to romance. The uniqueness behind the blending of the genres, to the marrying of Middle Eastern instrumentation with modern pop soundscapes, as well as the intriguing song narratives, makes for an EP unlike any other.

The six-track EP begins with title-track, which immediately showcases EMINZADA’s use of Middle Eastern instruments. His distinct vocal tone is laid-back and effortless, with an almost lethargic mood. The use of ethereal and celestial melodies pairs perfectly with the buoyant, pounding beat and is the perfect opener for what is yet to come. This single also signifies the very start of the artist's journey, where he felt too afraid to reveal himself, having to hide things from his mother, someone who he had a very strong bond with and did not want to disappoint.

“Bloodline” is sonically mysterious and sensual. Echoing sounds and vocals create an all-encompassing atmosphere, while the layered arrangements result in an almost hypnotic release. The prominent guitar line competes with EMINZADA’s vocals, as it tells its own story, fighting for centre stage. The story behind “Bloodline” also stems back to his relationship with his family and the constant battle between not wanting to be controlled by them, and simultaneously not wanting to deceive them.

As the title would suggest, “Aries Soulmate” is about star signs and astrological beliefs when it comes to finding compatibility with a new lover. Much like the traits of an Aries, this track is passionate and bold, marking a shift in genres, as EMINZADA enters a more confident state of mind. The song depicts what happens when two Aries unite, reflecting the fireworks and excitement, before eventually starting to fizzle out.

“Beautiful Long Hair” is another nod to the artist's background, with the melody in the Azerbaijani musical scale, Chargah. Taking another step into his darker, more electronic stage, the shadowy song is almost haunting and menacing. EMINZADA demands that his crush leaves his hair down, due to its impressive power to radiate confidence. Aligning the song's narrative with the sonic stylisation, this track packs a punch, emitting a healthy dose of self-assurance.

One of the wild cards in the EP is the penultimate track “Sociopath”. A fast-paced, dance-worthy electronic track, EMINZADA lifts the mood, with a throbbing beat, oscillating, colourful synths and dominant vocals flagging a new era for the artist. This is the epitome of the artist being unapologetically himself, laying down the law and refusing to hide who he is. The addition of a local choir brings a nice, yet surprising touch to the track.

Finally, “Beggar” brings the EP to a close. At the end of our journey, EMINZADA has reached his ultimate goal of being his most authentic version. Enveloping a little bit of everything we’ve seen so far, there is a lot going on in “Beggar”. With a multitude of instruments from all over the world, a combination of tempos and a significant change of tone in EMINZADA’s vocals, he has concocted a big, bold and energetic release, erupting with tenacity and unrivalled characteristics. This is the track for all those trying to escape toxic and manipulating relationships.

There is one thing that’s for certain when listening to Don’t Tell My Mother – you will never get bored. Packed full of so many twists and turns, EMINZADA makes sure to keep you on your toes, never knowing where the next song will take you. It’s clear that every part of this EP was painstakingly thought out and executed and the result is something that is truly awe-inspiring.

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