Exuberant brashness and heady youthfulness abound on Tove Styrke’s Kiddo

High art Kiddo is not. Great fun, it definitely is.

Emilie Nicolas adds yet another entrant into the epic battle for 2015’s album of the year

The greatest home-grown number one album from Norway is about to erupt into the big time, and on the basis of its wonderfully unique songs deservedly so.

The re-issue of 60 Ft. Dolls’ debut paints it as one of the few classic Britpop albums

60 Foot Dolls made perfect three minute shots of indie sneer that rocked harder than most of their contemporaries.

Ezra Furman’s fearless fifth LP chews up sixty years of rock ‘n’ roll, spits out pop perfection

Furman recasts his personal woes into forty minutes of endlessly fascinating creativity by throwing sixty years of popular music into a blender.

Proto-shoegaze band Loop return after 25 years as a quintessential British curiosity

Loops' ability to pummel the ears remaining unabated.

Letting his freak-folk flag fly, Elvis Perkins shakes things up

The New York singer-songwriter creates a freak-folk fantasy world of oddball curiosities.

Everything Is A Mess, but Fist City are here with some clarity

Canadian punk outfit release intelligent new full length album that's packing a mightier punch than you might think.

Gunplay turns into pillow talk on Miguel’s Wildheart

Wildheart is seeking, sweaty, incense-smelling, intimate, a little too close, and always a few nervous, exciting moments from enlightenment - or maybe just ecstasy.

Circadian rhythm - Four Tet conceptualises a single day on his new album Morning/Evening

Kieran Hebden surprise released his new album to coincide with the Summer Solstice, and given the breezy textures on the album, this proved to be an inspired move.

Bleachers thrives on ‘indie’ and ‘pop’ having stopped functioning as meaningful categories

Antonoff has made an album of pretty songs that, even while being aimed at the widest audience, feel like they couldn’t have been written by anyone else.

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