Family Video - Maybe This Summer

With enthusiasm well and truly curbed, these lo-fi Newfoundlanders have created an album that, despite its many virtues, lacks the requisite killer punch. They're bloody-nosed and prostrate on the canvas, revelling in the role of underdog.

Pere Ubu - Carnival of Souls

The daddy of all things bizarre returns with yet another fantastic record.

Flowers - Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do

Though lacking emotional teeth, Flowers' debut is an irrefutably gorgeous sounding document with top-notch songwriting.

Wild Beasts - End Of The Road, 31/08/2014

Wild Beasts close End Of The Road with a near-impeccable set that seems to fall on deaf ears.

Royal Blood - McClusky’s, Kingston 28/08/14

The duo credited with saving guitar music play a raucous, intimate album launch in south west London.

Banks - Goddess

Indulge in the wonders created by the LA singer-songwriter, but beware - there's immense trauma, darkness and, unfortunately, precious few new cuts.

Tricky - Adrian Thaws

The Bristol trip-hop renegade is at it again, sprinting towards greatness with thundering electronics and forward-thinking lyrics.

Lewis & Clarke - Triumvirate

Lou Rogai takes us on a sweeping journey of renewal on Triumvirate, the third studio album from Lewis & Clarke written in the aftermath of an unnamed traumatic event.

The Flaming Lips - End of The Road, 30/08/2014

The Flaming Lips round off day two of End Of The Road with an explosion of colour and sound.

Gene Clark No Other Band - End of The Road, 29/08/2014

A once-in-lifetime experience, that's all you can really say about the Gene Clark No Other Band.

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