Kwabs - Koko, London 16/10/14

Kwabena Adjepong is going to have to learn to handle his pre show nerves, for on this showing, the crowds are only going to get bigger.

Lily & Madeleine - Fumes

Teenage talents Lily & Madeleine drop the first of three promised records in as many years.

Flight Facilities - Down To Earth

The Australian dance duo release a debut which takes inspiration from a range of dance genres and features some surprising collaborations.

Glass Animals - Thekla, Bristol, 15/10/14

The Oxford four-piece roll out an effortless performance that proves they're still zooming towards big things.

Swans - Filth [Reissue]

Thirty-plus years after its release, the debut album from Michael Gira's Swans gets a welcome reissue. Here, we see the beginnings of the uncompromising and seminal band still creating incredible art to this day.

D.D Dumbo - Tropical Oceans EP

Aussie bluesman Oliver Hugh Perry delivers an EP packed with promise and potential.

Ultimate Painting - Ultimate Painting

Sixties-inspired side-project courtesy of two of British music's most exciting talents. Re-creating the sounds of the sixties with nods to blues, psych and jangle-pop, this is a collaboration worth its salt.

Mysteries - New Age Music Is Here

We don't know who Mysteries are, but we do know that they've released one of the most fully-formed debut albums you're likely to hear this year.

Girl Band - Shapes, London 16/10/14

The incongruously-named Irish quartet show that their best is yet to come with an exhilarating and brutal set at London's Shapes.

Cooly G - Wait ‘til Night

The South London producer returns with an album of "lo-fi bedroom music" that scans as much more hopeful than its brooding predecessor, but can it match that record's gripping urban drama?

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