The Notwist - Messier Objects

The German electro-tinged indie-rock outfit's latest is an assembly of instrumental recordings from the past eight years, each ranging from the blissfully atmospheric to the dismally melodic.

Crushed Beaks - Scatter

London based trio provide a hyperactive collection of slasher-movie style melodies cloaked in a heavy parka coat of shoegaze.

Petite Noir - The King of Anxiety EP

Gloomy post-punk with a rhythmic soul from South Africa.

Two Gallants - We Are Undone

The fifth studio album from the San Francisco duo shows their sound maturing, with a focus on heavier blues rock and a step away from their more folk inspired roots.

Waxahatchee & Radiator Hospital - Old St Pancras Church, London 26/01/15

Katie Crutchfield delivers a flooring set of new and vintage material in an exquisitely intimate venue.

All We Are - All We Are

Much commotion's been made about All We Are, the cosmopolitan three-piece based in Liverpool, as they slowly blossom into fully-fledged alt. pop stars. With their eponymous debut long-player swiftly approaching, the commotion’s unlikely to subside.

Aqualung – 10 Futures

Matt Hales dusts off his Aqualung moniker again for an often beautiful, but at times frustratingly placid record.

Zun Zun Egui – Shackle’s Gift

Informed by a trip to Mauritius, this is a multilingual, experimental freak out of fusion, funk and free jazz. But far more enjoyable than that sounds.

Meat Wave - Brother EP

Fifteen minutes of grungy, snotty, punky excellence.

Man Without Country - Maximum Entrophy

Welsh duo's second LP shows a much more assured act finding their feet with a lilting collection of electronic sighs.

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