Hurts: when sadness is easy

Materialising out of the darkness of their two previous albums, Hurts discuss finding the light with their third record Surrender and the intensity of their fans.

Track by Track: Semi Precious on When We Talk

South London producer dwells on the delicate and fleeting on his brilliant second EP.

Kathryn Joseph: Spilled blood and bones thrown

We speak to SAY Award winner Kathryn Joseph about the journey filled with peaks and potholes which led to her success.

Getting Creative with Polaroids with Emilie Nicolas

Screw social media, Emilie Nicolas shows us the best way to sum up a day in London, taking polaroids, her own beautiful illustrations and throwing in an artistic blender for this fantastic art piece.

Eight Amazing Things We’ve Done Across Ten Years at End of the Road Festival

Come to Best Fit's favourite festival in the UK and you'll find us putting on some special - and often secret - shows, talks and experiences. As End of the Road celebrates ten years, here are some of the best things we've done during our annual long September weekend in Dorset.

Track by Track: C Duncan on Architect

The Glaswegian composer details the meanings behind his recently-released debut LP.

Track By Track: Day Wave on Headcase EP

Sunshine pop soloist Day Wave provides an exclusive track by-track guide to his gorgeous Headcase EP

Track By Track: J Fernandez on Many Levels Of Laughter

Rising Chicago pop experimentalist J Fernandez gives us the story behind his recent kaleidoscopic LP.

The Art of Pieter Breugel the Elder

Shiny Darkly's Kristoffer Bech on how the Netherlandish Renaissance painter and printmaker Pieter Breugel the Elder influenced his band's debut album.

Polaroids with John Newman

The be-quiffed Yorkshire lad John Newman talks about his new song and we snap Polaroids before his Hyde Park show.

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