Polaroids with Courtney Barnett

As the Melbourne singer-songwriter's European tour hits the capital for two sell out shows, we catch up for some Impossible Polaroids.

Husbands, Cassavetes and Seventies Hollywood

Toronto's Chris A. Cummings - aka Marker Starling - talks about the influence of John Cassavetes' 1970 film Husbands on his work and song of the same title.

Gaz Coombes: “The creative process is an ongoing battle between self-doubt and confidence”

The former Supergrass man talks to Best Fit about the joys of being alone, and the creative process behind the making the record of his career so far.

A Tremor in the Azores: Musical Curiosities On A Distant Island

The Azores-based Tremor celebrates its second year and looks set to be at the forefront of experimental, transformative music festivals.

Track By Track: House of Wolves on Daughter of the Sea

Rey Villalobos, AKA House of Wolves, invites us in for a one-sided chat about his forthcoming sophomore effort Daughter of the Sea.

Polaroids with Best Coast at SXSW

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno in polaroids during their stint at SXSW.

Mad Men: When Did Music Become So Important?

As Mad Men returns to wrap up the series, we take a look at the distinctive soundtrack which accompanied Don, Peggy, Joan, Roger, Betty and Pete through New York and beyond in the '60s.

Death Cab for Cutie: Mended with Gold

Death Cab for Cutie's eighth record, Kintsugi, is defined by its fractures. Ben Gibbard explains why it's important to celebrate them.


The Blackburn singer-songwriter discusses her experiences and connection to the German capital.

A first crack of Blur’s Magic Whip

As with all of their best albums, the listener has to put in some work on Blur’s comeback, but they’ve met us more than halfway.

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