Perfume Genius: “I wanted to push the darkness as far as I could”

As he returns with the stunning Too Bright, Mike Hadreas talks darkness, Portishead and the human body with Best Fit.

Sasha Keable: “I’m constantly challenging my listeners”

The South London-born vocalist and songwriter opens up about her upcoming Dev Hynes-involved debut album and why she wants to work with Justin Bieber.

What to see at Pop Montreal 2014

This week sees the 13th edition of the Pop Montreal festival, which will once again take over the bars, venues, warehouses, parks and rooftops of the Canadian city for 5 days of music, art, fashion film, and one off events.

Strand of Oaks: “This is the only thing I have true freedom over in this world”

Tim Showalter of Strand of Oaks discusses the importance of honesty and Jason Molina to the making of his new album HEAL, a record about the power of music.

Simone Pace of Blonde Redhead: “We’ve always done what we wanted”

Best Fit speaks to drummer Simone Pace about Blonde Redhead's ninth album, the perils of self-financing a record and what led the band to a more minimal sound.

Interpol: “We didn’t hit any walls this time”

As they release their best record in a decade, Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler discuss the band's post-Dengler rebirth, individual ambitions and unusual creative process.

Freddie Gibbs: “You can’t break no shit if you’re not aware of it”

Even gangsters have nightmares. Freddie Gibbs is no less haunted by his. We talk Piñata, Miles Davis and the history of slavery.

End of the Road 2014: What to see at the UK’s best festival

A few festival regulars offer their take on the musical gems to be found at this weekend's Dorset-based event.

The Wytches: “This is just the sound of our entrance into the music world”

Describing their own music as "hard, loud and unlistenable", The Wytches open up to us about their debut album.

Cold Specks: “I think people think I’m gloomy, but I can be trippy when I want to be”

Ahead of her performance at End of the Road this weekend, we talk with Al Spx about collaborating with Michael Gira and the darkness of her songwriting.

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