Jen Long

Circa Waves

Jen Long explains why Circa Waves are living proof why, sometimes, it's worth reading your Facebook messages.

Joe Mount of Metronomy: “I basically think I’ve found the secret”

Self-professed taskmaster Joe Mount talks about his influences pushing further and further back in time, pissing off astronomers, and becoming less concerned about having to be forward thinking.

Courtney Barnett

We chat to the extremely promising, highly entertaining Australian singer-songwriter - about everything from making your mum proud to wreaking revenge.

Rosie Lowe

With her debut EP fast approaching, we talk to Lowe about the producers behind it, the pressures of the music industry, and why the story is always the most important thing.

Blue Hawaii: “Sometimes it’s so easy to get lost in the process of making music…”

The Montreal duo discuss shifting focus, committing ideas and the beauty of the live music experience.

Mozart’s Sister

We catch up with the Montreal lass to talk carrots, her home town and the real definition of the word ‘crank’.

“We know what our sound is and we know what we’re doing”: Best Fit speaks to Young Fathers

What happens when an unstoppable force meets a record label? Welcome to the world of Young Fathers.


Australia’s Harvey Streten reveals all about his much touted project Flume, and how it feels to outsell world famous boy bands in his homeland.

Luke Sital-Singh: “A testament to sticking to what I want to do and to what makes you happy”

The enigmatic and widely touted troubadour Luke Sital Singh reveals all about his musical journey thus far.

Medieval towns, iconoclasts and Mork and Mindy: Best Fit speaks to Lawrence Arabia

Ahead of his performance at End of the Road festival, we catch up with New Zealand's Lawrence Arabia to talk about his latest album.

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