Once again, our neighbors to the South have proven to be trusted allies in the war against music mediocrity. Sydney’s Yes Please Records, home to Oliver Tank, Wintercoats and most recently I’lls, today introduces the world to yet another promising act, Cosmo’s Midnight, who without a doubt warrant your full attention.

The Sydney-based brother duo, Cosmo’s Midnight, blend deep house and slightly dubstep sentiments in the form of cloudy, thick-bottomed basslines that are abruptly interrupted by radiant stabs of synth-colored light. Intricate percussion rhythms weave their way through ‘Phantasm’, just before a glassy wave of piercing vocals comes rushing through the track with the greatest of ease.

Drawing comparisons to the soft gleam of Meghan James’ of Purity Ring’s words, vocalist Nicole Millar adds a delicateness to ‘Phantasm’, that allows for the most subtle of emotions to be brought to life.

The accompanying video for the producers’ debut track taps into the voyeur in us all– take a peek, we won’t tell.

Be sure to grab a free download of ‘Phantasm’ above and get Cosmo’s Midnight debut EP out 8th May from Yes Please.