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Marina Allen lights up her disarm on "Deep Fake"

21 May 2024, 16:00 | Written by Al Miglietta

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter releases a new excerpt from her imminent new album, Eight Pointed Star, offering a resolute, yet carefully crafted exposé on "Deep Fake"

Unfurling a new layer of her upcoming third studio album, Eight Pointed Star, Marina Allen's "Deep Fake" is a delicate yet resolute offering, exploring themes of femininity and societal barriers. "'Deep Fake’ felt like a little revelation," Allen explains of the track's fruition. "It spun from this writing workshop I took, led by Chris Weisman – he has this cult following and is amazing. I took guitar lessons from him when I was 20. He has all these tools for songwriting, and ‘Deep Fake’ came out of a prompt. I can’t even remember what the prompt was. It’s sort of two different songs that I just put together. I wanted the first part to feel really personal, like talking to someone you love."

She continues, "It’s about naming all of these very complicated things that make up our culture. Recognising them as a reality. But to confront them and see it as sacred.” With an accompanying visual directed by Callie Hernandez, the project finds creative force in new age deep fake technology, and how commonplace face altering in videos is becoming.

“The video superimposes Marina’s face onto the faces of myriad women via sourced archival footage- AKA “Deep Fake.” The latter half of the video was shot on a glitchy DV camera, which was intentionally used to further blur the line between reality and fiction; real and unreal," Hernandez adds.

"Deep Fake" is just one step in Marina Allen's busy next few months, due to release Eight Pointed Star on June 17th before playing in L.A, New York City, and London, and then accompanying Ben Howard on tour for a run of European dates. The album is puzzled with radical acts, taking fragments and stories from Allen’s past, and jettisoning them together in a quilt-like stitch. It's about discovery and trust as centrifuges around which themes of love, family, and folklore unfold. “My first album, Candlepower, had this sparkly energy around it – I think of it very fondly. With Eight Pointed Star I’m trying to harness that beginner’s mind again, while having the scars and wisdom that come from biting into the fruits of knowledge”.

"Deep Fake" is out now, with Eight Pointed Star set for release 7 June 2024. Find Marina Allen on Instagram.

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