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Lunch Money Life team up with Love Interest to channel divine drama on "In Jesus Name"

17 May 2023, 17:00 | Written by Thomas Turner

Ahead of their forthcoming album, The God Phone, the fiercely fought for score to a canned theological thriller, five-piece band Lunch Money Life release the saintly-sounding and hallucinatory "In Jesus Name"

Lunch Money Life is a convivial artistic project shared between five bandmates, in which everyone has equal remit, perspective, and opportunity to create. Their music may be composed spontaneously, the product of a random spark and then communal effort to fan its flames, but is so seamlessly pulled together and polished that it sounds like decades in the making.

Having such a disparate and daring creative process, the band hovers above genre markers, able to be pulled and stretched across areas of punk, jazz, electronic, and alt-pop. With Jack and Spencer Martin on keys, Stewart Hughes on drums, Luke Mills-Pettigrew on bass, and Sean Keating on guitar, the quintet is a product enhanced by the sum of its individuals. After releasing their debut album Immersion Chamber in 2020, as the pandemic dawned, they've been quietly rebuilding and refining their sound and have returned with new tunes more poised than ever before.

Latest effort "In Jesus Name" is an experimental track with a deftly expansive sound, telling the story of two lovers finally allowed the space to be together when the world descends into apocalypse. With a close affiliate of the band, Love Interest, offering the other voice on the track, the verses unspool like a whispered conversation before exploding into an ecstatically choral climax. Organs blare, guitars shred, and the room floods with the confessional outpouring of emotion.

The track is attached to the band's upcoming album, The God Phone, which was set to be the score for a theological thriller film of the same name that unexpectedly was canned after creative differences, claims of fraud related to the film's production, and a sketchy lead actor. Having already started work on the music, Lunch Money Life fought fiercely to win back the rights to their hallucinatory score, reworking the original screenplay into an audio-visual journey with their own stamp attached to it.

The premise is as follows: Twenty five years after science proves the existence of God, a global council consolidates its power with technology that allows them to communicate directly with the heavens. The album tells the story of the chaos that ensues with the revelation, and the dystopian heights that society clamber to in the aftermath.

""In Jesus Name" is another track that seems to have been divinely delivered into our hands, lungs and tongues," the band explain. Understanding the backstory of the album, it does indeed seem like there was some higher power at play. "It was made even more special by our dear friend Love Interest's contribution. We wanted to pack it with as much drama and emotion as we could so we tapped up a local choir who elevated it to realms we could never have imagined.

"In Jesus Name" out now, ahead of the band's upcoming album The God Phone. Find Lunch Money Life on Instagram.

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