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Borough Council’s "Casino" pushes past the clamour

24 January 2024, 16:00 | Written by Camryn Teder

While the Hastings-based trio’s latest single is understated at first glance, there’s something especially rip-roaring about it too.

As with many other musical projects, "Casino"'s simplicity is also its greatest strength. The carefully curated rhythms shine through distinctly with no needless noise to cut through - just pure and focused musical energy.

Merging elements of lo-fi and alternative rock, budding rock-trio Borough Council craft rhythmic lines both charismatic and compelling that might eventually come to define the band’s sound. The group hails Hastings, East Sussex, a seaside wonderland where the trio has already built a cult following with its feverish rock shows, surprise demos, and those lively-yet-understated rhythms that Borough Council is becoming known for.

For the group’s latest single, "Casino’", those positive attributes remain the same. Driving drums keep time alongside an electric guitar that buzzes sweetly with an exactness that is spartan. The main elements of the track remain the same throughout, a satisfyingly consistent instrumental heartbeat, while the other musical elements morph and twist, becoming more enlivened with every unexpected chord change.

The rhythmic soundscape swells throughout, too, from a smooth, lo-fi introduction into a sure-of-itself alt-rock anthem. The bass and guitar dance together, little musical chess pieces that hop across tall wooden clefs, slipping and sliding across the soundscape. The sparse slacker rock vocals bookend these complex instrumental lines, slowly morphing from simple statements into passionate shouts into an ethereal tunnel as "Casino" sputters to its end.

"Casino" is a conglomeration of textures both fuzzy and warm, and constantly evolves throughout with dynamic and patient chords. It’s both layered and rich, a musical chocolate cake, something easy to savour and equally unforgettable too. While the understated, instrumental-heavy track is an unconventional choice for a single at first listen, "Casino" was the very song that the band played for their first meeting with Speedy Wunderground. The company has previously produced similar early releases from big indie names like Black Country, New Road, black midi, and Bat For Lashes too.

"When [Speedy Wunderground boss] Dan saw us play live, Casino was our opener, so that was his first impression of us. It’s basically instrumental, and it felt like a weird choice for a single. That’s what made it exciting. It’s the intro, that’s its purpose. It sets the tone…” the group said of the gripping initial interaction.

While Borough Council have just a small set of releases out for now, their popularity back home is a testament to their consistent talent and is surely just a small taste of what's to come. With songs as lush and vigorous as this latest single, that sort of attention just feels inevitable. Best to keep an eye out for these guys.

"Casino" is out now. Find Borough Council on Instagram.

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