Juul has earned the nickname "Denmark's Bon Iver", and while his music is more electronically influenced than Justin Vernon's sombre woodland folk, it's a title that fits Juul's ability to capture a mood and create a sense of bittersweet nostalgia. This Moment is filled with glimmering, spacious instrumentation, and so much reverb that much of the record simply washes over you.

He's a strong enough songwriter that he could easily go the unplugged route and record with just guitars, keys, and a drum kit, but the electronic flourishes on This Moment give the album an industrial, futuristic sheen that meshes well with Juul's yearning vocals.

Lead track “Ambitions” blends churning guitars, and steady percussion into a pleasing creation that could have been spawned during writing session by The War On Drugs, but the track’s astral synths convey a desire for something more, a feeling of pushing against the walls.

Ultimately, This Moment is so contemplative because it was informed by the aftermath of Juul’s meteoric rise as Indians a few years ago. "How do you cope when everything you've been dreaming of becomes a reality?" Juul said. "I lost myself. I was running around in circles and I lost the big picture. I was looking for answers and escape in the wrong places, and I was close to losing everything: family, friends, relationships with people I cared about."

“Manly Beach” is the album’s most anthemic moment, with Juul letting his voice wax and wane atop an icy wall of synths and reeds. It’s a stirring song on a record full of them, and presents an interesting thought exercise into what Juul could do if he went full maximalist.