Words are superfluous to a band like Nisennenmondai - too clumsy and lacking in expression. They are a band so unconventional, their communication with us is other dimensional. Body language is a key part of their live performance, as their focus turns energy into elaborate noise patterns. It's like watching the most complex mathematical puzzles, being worked on by eccentric geniuses in an abstract laboratory. Three people become parts of a larger unit and we can only assume that telepathy is their core method of communication. 

Environment is a most integral part of the listening experience when taking in this band - this record is not ideal for the home, unless you are willing to draw the curtains, turn the lights on and off very fast and set the volume to a level that your neighbors will not forgive you for (apologies to Mark, next door). In a place where the correct level of volume can be achieved, your spine will vibrate with sub-sonic bass lows and your ears will bleed under assault from the incessant stabbing of hi-hats. You may not be fluent in the language that Nisennenmondai use but you can understand them through full immersion. 

The album in it’s conventional format may be too limiting for Nisennenmondai here and therefore, this is not their greatest advert. Do not be discouraged however, it is the format that is not correct here, not the band. If you were to add the visual experience to the sound - much like Nisennenmondai's recent Boiler Room performance - you could instantly revise this review up by several points.