As the opening track of Nick Jonas’ fourth studio album begins (“Don’t Give Up On Us”), the seductive, futuristic beats almost have you forgiving Jonas’ overly autotuned vocals where he robotically yearns “I hear you calling / When I'm here all by myself / I can't help wondering / Are you loving someone else?".

Being rich and famous doesn’t make one immune to the pandemic and Jonas found himself struggling with loneliness in the same way that many of us have recently. Lyrically referencing receiving bad news while watching TV: “Houston, think we’ve got some problems / Find somebody who can solve them / I feel like a spaceman,” the relatability doesn't stop there. He also mentions,”“Mask off minute I get home / All safe now that I’m alone”, which is about as deep as Spaceman dares dive.

Meanwhile, “Delicious” is an infectious track and it’s clear that Jonas had learnt from his "Sucker" days. It’s within these funky tracks that Jonas really thrives, although the cringe inducing “You like watching” does its best to encourage a step back.

As the end becomes nigh, the songs retreating - slowing down and become more sensual. “Nervous” borders on the downright cheesy and probably should have remained in Jonas' personal collection.

There's no doubt that Spaceman offers guilt-free pop with a tinge of R&B. Unfortunately, this doesn't make up for the lack of depth and emotion which means, despite being Jonas’ strongest work yet, the album still runs the risk of being forgettable.