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Muncie Girls take on the world with their debut album

"From Caplan To Belsize"

Release date: 04 March 2016
Muncie Girls Caplan Belsize
01 March 2016, 11:03 Written by Jessica Goodman
From the opening refrains of their debut album, Muncie Girls set out to change the world.

With their hearts on their sleeves, the Exeter trio's debut album is a whirlwind venture through everything they believe in. The vitality of their words is matched only by the group's vigour, and there's every sense that this is a band determined to make a difference.

"There's so many of us and there's so few of them, and we're all thinking the same thing, it's just a matter of when," Lande Hekt sings on "Learn In School". It's as rousing an anthem as anyone could hope for, a rallying cry of creativity, confidence, and inspiration. "Try and leave your own little mark on this Earth, don't let them belittle your sense of worth, there's nothing you can't learn," Lande continues.

And that's essentially what From Caplan To Belsize is: a lesson, driven by the unbridled desire to create, and an unmistakable mark on the world that world that surrounds them. Whether they're singing about the importance of feminism ("Respect"), their inspirations ("Learn In School"), their fears ("Gone With The Wind"), or lashing out at the political climate ("Committee"), Muncie Girls know exactly who they are and where they stand. It's this defining sense of character and principle that makes the band's debut album so captivating.

Nothing is hidden from sight. Be it passion, fear, drive, or frustration at the state they find themselves living in, emotion is underlying force on every track. Surging along guitar solos or pounding through rolling rum fills, this emotion has driven the three-piece to get up and create. It's a tumultious mixing pot of important issues, personal emotion, raw refrains, and cotagious hooks that makes their words hammer straight home. Their confidence would be almost daunting, if they weren't addressing these songs to themselves as much as their listeners.

For anyone who's felt lost or confused, From Caplan To Belsize is the voice of a friend who's been there too for when it's needed the most. Muncie Girls are making their own little mark on this Earth, grasping your hand, and inviting you to do the same.

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