Now, Marmozets aren’t a band that are innovating, but that’s not what’s missing. What’s missing is the feeling – those urgent moments that sweep the world from under your feet – and that’s exactly the coal they're shoveling back into the scene.

From self-releasing a few rough ’n’ ready EP’s, to signing to metal monolith label Roadrunner, they’ve been going from strength to strength. Knowing What You Know is their strongest move yet.

It’s exciting, truthful, but best of all isn’t afraid to play around with the expectations set upon them by overzealous fans yearning for their rawer youth. The bass is thicker and more volatile than ever, while the guitars are wild and untamed. Add in a more confident drum sound which orchestrates the madness with furore, and you have one hell of a recipe.

In terms of message, Knowing What You Know deals with ideas that often lean upon each other, such as “Don’t Leave Me” and“ Habit” which show both the carnal and sparse loneliness sides to longing.

That doesn't mean Marmozets aren’t also afraid to just let loose. The album begins with singer Becca Macintyre crying out “1,2,3 PLAY!” and ends with the finalising call of “Run With The Rhythm”, bookending tracks which don’t close the door on this new, polished, chapter of Marmozets as much as they burn that fucker to the ground.

Knowing What You Know feels like a journey, one that’s filled with mountainous climbs and treacherous lows, each to be consumed with reckless abandon, because that’s exactly what Marmozets are - a force to be reckoned with.