Those whose introduction to Marcioz came via lead single “The Very, Very $hy Pearl (The Pulse)” will recognise that track’s idiosyncrasies throughout the EP: each song is a collage of samples, electronics and treated vocals, occasionally clashing with an unexpected burst of live drums, piano or guitar. The EP is undeniably as precious as its title’s use of unconventional characters – Marcioz describes it as his “most pretentious piece of work” – but it never fully tips over into twee.

“Please Sing! My Little Robot…” and “How to Fall in Love With a Machine” see Marcioz taking comfort in the loyalty of his computer in the wake of transient lovers and friends. These two tracks are a perfect example of how well Marcioz balances the abstract and the melodic: “Please Sing…” is a glacially paced soundscape with just a suggestion of human touch in its reverberating keyboard sounds. In contrast, “How to Fall in Love With a Machine” is his most pop-leaning track to date, complete with introspective vocoder-laced guest vocals from Slow Shudder that recall the space-girl laments of Japanese Breakfast’s Soft Sounds From Another Planet.

But it’s not all caution and contemplation: The deliciously-titled “Mate Um Bonito Hoje Mesmo!” (“kill a beautiful one today!” in Portugese) is sure and bombastic, opening with characteristically tentative sounds, before exploding into a fuzzed-out freak out – busy with electronics and drums and the kind of high-emotion chord variations that are more readily associated with indie rock acts. The whole EP is hyperactive with ideas, and the foundations for work across an expanse of genres.