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"Take Me to the Sea"

Jaguar Love – Take Me to the Sea
11 August 2008, 10:05 Written by John Brainlove
The sound of Jaguar Love is not, as any naturalists amongst the fine Line Of Best Fit readership might expect, a mewling feline cry ringing out across the jungle night. Nope. Hark! It's the sound of some boys from some defunct American bands forming an emo-rock supergroup.I was never particularly enamored with the one trick pony screamo barrage of Blood Brothers or the terminally fair-to-middling Pretty Girls Make Graves. Anything verging on emo yelping is usually enough to make me run for the exit, especially if it features the usual eyeliner-clad preening pretty boys with twatty hair screaming about nothing all that much. But luckily, Take Me to the Sea manages to be more than the sum of it's parts.The lean bass/ guitar/ organ sound is totally exciting throughout, alternating between fast paced distorted battering and clean-cut glam grooves, as heard on 'Georgia' (from which the album title is taken). But the most noticeable aspect of the whole thing is the the lead vocal, which sounds pitch shifted into some unnaturally high version of itself, as if speeded up and triple-tracked then sung down a telephone. I couldn't quote you a single lyric from the whole album, but the odd treatment and vocal delivery has a sense of urgency that spurs the whole thing onward at an exhilarating pace. Ace standout track 'Jaguar Pirates' makes make me exclaim "sick!" to myself, which is surely an indication of some kind of quality rocking-out-ness, and 'Antoine & Birdskull' is ridiculously catchy for something so inherently tuneless.I'm left wondering what all the frenetic shrieking is all about, on some level. There's no anger or angst in it, but there's a whole lot of shouting that conveys... a whole lot of nothing, really. So, why? What, ultimately, is this band about? Is it a case of assorted stylistic tics? If so, they've been banged together into an accomplished, noisy, glamorous and infectious record. After four or five listens I'm still unsure why it's good. But four or five listens in, I'm still interested. And I'll take that. 75%Links Jaguar Love [official site] [myspace]
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