The chimes that first introduce Mutual Horse infer that there’s something untoward coming - and they aren’t far off. Each new track across fourteen strong album feels like a unique twist and turn that offers up individual components that form her musical DNA.

While it flits between a plethora of inspirations, the underlying funk skeleton that gives each track an unmissable groove is a clear mainstay. It perfectly juxtaposes the rawness of Miranda’s vocals, which break in all the right ways - feeding the emotive performance with just the right amount of gusto.

The first example of the unstoppable sounding nature of Miranda comes with “Golden Spiral” - a story-telling, swaggering track that details suburban living, sexually promiscuous neighbours included. From here on in it’s a direct travel through the depths of Miranda’s mind, letting the melody flow freely rarely succumbing to any form of filler.

As the album progresses it edges into more an atmospheric arena, which can feel like the rollercoaster’s hit a long, straight stretch, but it gives you a moment to really let the rest of the journey sink in.

A masterclass in how to show exploration while never straying from the beaten path, Miranda is a mind most should look to. Rich in melody and promise, she leaves no stone unturned on her journey to the centre of the musical earth.