Linking her angelic light vocals with mesmerising instrumentals, she’s creating moments of condensed hope via reflective passages of time and overpowering heartbreak. Gen Z character staples like horoscopes (“Gemini moon and a Virgo rising”) are linked throughout, elevating her artistry timelessness and being a product of said time.

Seemingly the ideal soundtrack for an indie film - the mundanity of life’s struggles while dreaming of bigger things echoes throughout the Georgia native’s music. “Maybe I’ll move to somewhere bigger Chicago, Pasadena” – she even mentions in first track “Miniature Furniture”. This nearly imaginable cinematic experience continues on within Swan which allows the listener to dream away into their own fantasy with endless possibilities.

Although the perfectly assembled tracks are best heard as a collective – the five chapters of the story almost transfer seamlessly as standalone poems. “Cheerleader”, draws you in by its enchanting backdrop whilst holding on to the vulnerability the negative aftertaste of dissembling relationships provide and poses the overarching question, “I can’t tell if it is my fault?”.

Similarities to the likes of Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers live within the spectrum of girlpuppy’s music, yet she’s not simply a copy but rather someone belonging to this canon of soft-emotional music, bringing her own individuality and powerful talent to the table.

Swan is the introductory tale to the 22-year-old soft-spoken artist. Armed with her phenomenal musical talents, it’s clear that this is just the start to an even brighter future for girlpuppy. Her sights truly set on conquering the space in which her fragile and magical music resides.