YAK: A Collection Of Truck Songs continues down this road. Acoustic guitars a plenty, it's purposefully disjointed, instead of bowing to restrictions of what an album should be, it’s proving what an album can be - fun.

Certainly, sweeping moments are a major part of Angel Du$t’s draw. Capable of digging into the real apex of just what a decent chorus maketh - simple words, simple melody and a freight train packed with heart. “Love Is The Greatest”, the albums midway point, is where the essence of Angel Du$t comes to fruition. Cradled in the realisation that - shock - love is the greatest, from self, to that from someone who gives you your first guitar pick, it's all the same, and necessary for the warm embrace of life to take hold.

Imbued with hip-swinging guitar peddling melodies rich enough to spoil even Jeff Bezos - the undertow of words that flow from preaching of embracing life (“Big Bite”), to “fly into the sun just like an alien” (“YAK”), the nonsensical merge with the soulful realisations amongst a bed of rattling acoustic strings, loosened drums and the heartfelt sounds of vocalist Justice Tripp, makes for something addictive.

Featuring Rancid’s Tim Armstrong ("Dancing On The Radio"), it's not just within the addition of the spiky punk mainstay that these sensibilities lie. Fizzing away, snapping in moments of distorted bites ("Truck Song") or within the laced lyrics dwelling referencing searching for the rush of adrenaline of band life via train track metaphors ("Never Ending Game"), they're never too far from their rough 'n' ready heart.

35 minutes of unbridled fun, with YAK: A Collection Of Truck Songs Angel Du$t are once again proving that life’s always better when you let loose, get your head bopping and just roll with the punches with a big smile on your face.