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Wyldest unveil delicate rework of "Quiet Violet"

12 February 2020, 14:30 | Written by Cerys Kenneally

Wyldest have shared a tender rework of "Quiet Violet" by vocalist Zoe Mead, which will feature on their forthcoming Redream Chaos album.

The stripped back version of "Quiet Violet" lands after previous Redream Chaos tracks "Reverse Tide" and "Alive".

Zoe Mead says of the Redream Chaos track, ""Quiet Violet" tells the tale of succumbing to societal pressures, getting trapped in a life full of broken dreams and frustration. We can all fall into the trap, settling for a life we are not 100% happy in, for the sake of security and expectations of others, with it, giving up on the many things that we truly desire in favour of living in a state of denial. We eventually become enlightened by others, repeatedly being subjected to the temptation of breaking free. The question is whether we are ever brave enough to do so."

Speaking about the Redream Chaos project, Mead says, "I’ve been making music as Wyldest since 2014. The music has been categorised as dream-pop, pop, shoegaze, synth pop, indie rock - sometimes an amalgamation of these. I released Wyldest's first album Dream Chaos at the beginning of 2019 and then found myself at a crossroads. I spent the majority of the year confused, making grunge rock, synth-pop, trip-hop and orchestral music all at once, not knowing what genre to focus on and how to write. With so much technology and equipment at our fingertips these days, we can make whatever music we want to a very high standard from our bedrooms - it’s incredible."

Mead adds, "However, I spent a lot of time procrastinating, doing things like sampling Chinese pan pipe music from vinyl into a sampler. I lost sight of what Wyldest is and became determined to put it into a box: Is it a band? A solo project? Shoegaze? Pop? Acoustic? The truth is, it’s nothing but my love affair with music. It can be a solo project, it can be collaborative. It’s not genre exclusive, it’s simply an exploration of ideas and a momentary creative burst in time. It is the vehicle which I use to arrive at a creative destination. I decided to forget about the FX pedals and synths and just get back to where I started - writing songs on an acoustic guitar or piano from my bedroom. I wanted to re-realise this album that is so dear to my heart and put another spin on it. Luciano helped me breathe new life into the songs from Dream Chaos and we created something I’m hugely proud of and a style in which I am going to continue making music forever. I realised something huge along the way: limitations are crucial to creativity."

The reworked version of "Quiet Violet" is out now. Wyldest's Redream Chaos album arrives via Hand In Hive on 6 March. They play London's EartH on 15 April with Lanterns On The Lake. Find out more.
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