Fleming debuted his new One True Pairing project earlier this month with lead single "One True Pairing".

Now he's returned with a second taster of the record with "I'm Not Afraid".

Speaking about his new venture as One True Pairing, Fleming says, "I wanted to write about the real world, I didn't want it to be an artistic, poised, tasteful record, it’s neo-heartland rock. One True Pairing is a name taken from internet fan fiction, where you write the perfect relationship you always wished existed. The idea of Prince Charming and Helpless Princess living happily after is no fun at all."


  1. Zero Summer
  2. I’m Not Afraid
  3. One True Pairing
  4. Weapons
  5. Dawn At The Factory
  6. Blank Walls
  7. Reaper Of Souls
  8. Elite Companion
  9. Alive In The Resplendent Flames
  10. King Of The Rats
  11. Only God Can Judge Me
"I'm Not Afraid" is out now. One True Pairing will land 20 September via Domino, and is available to pre-order now. One True Pairing plays London's Bedford Tavern on 25 July. Find out more.