The exploration was captured into a 20-minute film, which sees Letts pick out his favourite discs and tell the story of punk and reggae and their indelible mark on counter-culture. As well as Letts' input, you can hear recordings of Peel's actual copies, see his scrawlings and liner notes, and explore the inner sleeves in unparalleled resolutions.

Cian Smyth of The Space (who have commissioned the series) said of Letts' Record Box: “The John Peel Archive once again offers a fresh perspective on the world of John Peel's record collection for many music fans to enjoy. Don Letts provides the third Record Box, after Joe Boyd and DJ Mala. It offers access for audiences all over the world to Don Letts' personal journey through the history of Reggae and Punk music, its influences and inspirations.”

Mala and Joe Boyd's boxes are already released and available to devour.

You can check out the Record Box here.