There was a bit of confusion following the announcement earlier this year that two separate line-ups of legendary punk outfit Black Flag were to reform, each under a different name. But now it’s been revealed that the cause of the disagreement, surprise surprise, is about financial matters.

The two reunions see 1979-80 vocalist Ron Reyes take the copyrighted Black Flag name, teaming up with founding member Greg Ginn on guitar and Roberto “Robo” Valverde on drums, while the other band – going by the shortened name of ‘Flag’ – consists of Chuck Dukowski, Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton.

Now Mike Vallely, manager of the reformed group with the trademarked name, has accused the revival reunion of simply wanting to make money out of the band’s good name. He told Rolling Stone recently that “They see a shitload of money sitting there and they want it”, continuing: “they want Greg to open the gates and give them the keys and let their Century City machine come in and run the show, and have Greg be their guitar player. But that’s not what fucking Black Flag is about.”

It’s also been revealed that Greg Ginn and Ron Reyes’ line-up are planning on recording new material before they head on tour, stating that it’s “not a Greatest Hits tour”.