James Mercer & Co. have already shared news versions of "Name For You" and "Cherry Hearts", both of which sound very different from their iterations on Heartworms.

A press release describes the upcoming collection of "alternative, opposing" songs as "a playful exploration of a musical parallel universe" - basically all the tempos, moods, styles, and ideas have been inverted.


  1. The Fear (Flipped)
  2. So Now What (Flipped)
  3. Heartworms (Flipped)
  4. Dead Alive (Flipped)
  5. Half A Million (Flipped)
  6. Rubber Ballz (Flipped)
  7. Mildenhall (Flipped)
  8. Fantasy Island (Flipped)
  9. Cherry Hearts (Flipped)
  10. Painting A Hole (Flipped)
  11. Name For You (Flipped)
The Worm's Heart is out 19 January 2018 via Columbia. You can pre-order now.