The original's fluid, silvery beats are shoved through The Parrots' dislocated mesh - the results are a world away from Bad Bunny's vision. It's also the final track that Parrots member Larry Balboa recorded with the band before leaving, and the first sung solely by Alex DeLucas.

"We’ve always been big fans of urban music, trap, and hip-hop," explain The Parrots. "Not long ago, these styles started to be everywhere again in Spain, and with it we discovered many interesting new acts, both Spanish and Latin American. One of them was Bad Bunny, from Puerto Rico."

"The first song of his that we listened to was ‘Soy Peor’, and we loved it," they continue. "Since we started the band we’ve always liked to cover songs that we like, usually it’s from bands that are more similar to our style - rock 'n' roll, punk… it’s the first time we picked a song in another style and try to make it ours. The idea came up in a rehearsal, talking about choosing a new cover for a forthcoming show. People really dug it and a few weeks later we went to Paco Loco’s studio to record it. We have all been through one or several relationships where things didn’t end up well, you realize you are not the same, you go out partying and blame it on your ex but, maybe, it was all your own fault."

The Parrots are currently working on the follow up to 2016 debut Los Niños Sin Miedo.

The Parrots have a handful of live dates in the diary - find out their full plans.