"Death" is the latest single from their fourth LP, arriving after previous outings "Come As You Are", "Bury Us" and "Sunseeker".

Thom Powers, who takes the lead on vocals for this track, says of the single, "Mortality has always fascinated me, but it's becoming more of a tangible concept as my family gets older. Age and experience have brought me some perspective on just how fragile life is. Nothing is permanent, and we take a lot for granted. Nowhere is this more salient than in the haunting awareness that our loved ones will one day be gone. More and more, I think about the limited time I have to share with the precious people that luck has introduced me to. "Death" is a sober and loving reminder to value the life around us and stay appreciative and connected to those we cherish ... this mentality feels especially important during the times we're currently in."

Recover will follow on from their 2016 album Simple Forms, and marks the first album from The Naked and Famous since reforming as a duo.

Powers says of the new LP, "Recover is about the duo, recovering ourselves, and our artistic vessel. The album is a statement of creative healing and a vehicle to plow forward into our own future. We hope that the messages of healing and resilience have some effect on its listeners."

"Death" is out now. The Naked and Famous' Recover album lands 24 July via AWAL, and is available to pre-order now.