When I Have Fears features the group's first two singles, "Feeling Fades" and "Green & Blue".

The Murder Capital's debut record is produced by Flood (PJ Harvey, New Order, Foals). Their album title takes inspiration from John Keats' poem, When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be, which the band states "served not only as a structural pillar, but quickly became a set of ideals for us to live by while making this record."


  1. For Everything
  2. More Is Less
  3. Green & Blue
  4. Slowdance I
  5. Slowdance II
  6. On Twisted Ground
  7. Feeling Fades
  8. Don't Cling To Life
  9. How The Streets Adore Me Now
  10. Love, Love, Love
When I Have Fears is due for release on 16 August via Human Season Records. The Murder Capital will play London's Citadel Festival on 19 July. Find out more.